JBM Participates in the Marine Corps Systems Command’s Recent Small Business Roundtable

On 27 September 2022, JBM participated in Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) Small Business Roundtable discussion.  This MARCORSYSCOM sponsored forum presented their perspective and strategy for incorporating solutions from small business vendors.  In addition to Command presentations, each small business was afforded the opportunity to present their offerings and value specific to Marine Corps missions and requirements.  A proven Marine Corps prime contractor, JBM was represented by its CEO, Andy Vonada.  As a feature of the forum, and during break-out discussions, Mr. Vonada (a retired Marine) presented JBM’s value based on our maturity and collective experience fielding, training, and sustaining cutting edge warfighting capabilities.  In addition to our legacy for systems support, JBM’s experience includes our pioneering support to the Marine Corps’ essential mission to maneuver within and dominate the Information Environment.

To learn more about JBM and our unique customer value, please contact Mr. Bill Bergman at wbergman@gojbm.com

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