Common Message Processor (CMP)

 The Common Message Processor© (CMP) is recognized as the message editor for the United States Department of Defense (DoD).


The Common Messenger Processor (CMP) has been sunset, with an end-of-life date as of April 30th, 2024. This decision has been made after careful consideration, given its impact on our End-User and Enterprise Customers who hold licenses for the service. The decision to sunset a product as significant as CMP is undoubtedly a difficult one, especially considering its longstanding history of providing tactical messaging at the Tactical, Operational and Strategic levels for United States Military, NATO, and other Coalition forces for over 15 years.

End-user and Enterprise Customers who have relied on CMP will likely need to transition to alternative solutions sometime in the near future. Customers can continue to use CMP until the end date of their licensing. This transition period may involve assessing and adopting new messaging platforms or systems that can fulfill the same or similar functions as CMP. It’s crucial for these entities to plan and execute this transition smoothly to minimize disruptions to their operations.

Sunsetting a product like CMP underscores the evolving nature of technology and the need for organizations to adapt to newer solutions that better meet their requirements and technological advancements.

On behalf of JBM, we like to thank all our customers who have contributed and supported CMP over the last 15 years plus.