Operational Planning & Analysis

Achieving an operational advantage in complex modern military scenarios requires effective planning, analysis and integration of actions within the Information Environment

JBM Possesses Hands-On Experience and Real-World Expertise. JBM has amassed more than 16 years of experience providing relevant and pioneering support to global Service and Joint missions, across the spectrum of operations. We understand the Information Environment and stand ready to support the development of Information Related Capabilities to include Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and to assist in the further maturity of Operations in the Information Environment.

We are Practitioners and Pioneers. JBM is one of only a few businesses, large or small, that can claim an intimate level of understanding of the unique challenges associated with Operations in the Information Environment. Our legacy includes first-hand and first-ever experience with providing trainers, analysis’ and planners to Service and Joint Commands, and their continually evolving challenges. JBM has provided key support ranging from organizations’ initial foundation through their maturity to reach full operational capability. We developed tailored and seminal Information Environment Operations Planning and Integration training solutions.

We Provide Full Spectrum Support.  JBM possesses relevant experience and has performed pivotal roles in support of IO development and integration, digital network analysis, IE analysis, training and curriculum development, operational security and other technical support functions for our customers, past and present. As a result, JBM has a proven record for providing employees who possess and maintain the commensurate security clearances, technical skill sets, real-world operational experience and required levels of professional certifications and training. Our support provides a depth of training and planning products; we have provided certified training specialists to develop innovative solutions and uninterrupted instruction to thousands of Service, Joint, Inter-Agency, and Allied forces.

We Possess Global Experience. JBM has provided critical support to the Service and Combatant Commands with solutions that realized operational advantages for Commanders in the field.  JBM believes in applying a side-by-side “Muddy Boots Approach” to support this wide range of customers.  Collectively, JBM has over 1.5M hours of unmatched deployed experience organizing, training equipping, and supporting Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Joint, Combined warfighters.  As the US military continues to refine IE-related training and operations, JBM can apply operational experience, critical thinking, planning, analysis, and technical capabilities.

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