Business Partners

JBM takes immense pride in its ongoing partnerships with the Department of Defense (D0D) and Industry counterparts. These collaborations demonstrate our deep commitment to excellence and continue to spur innovation in support of vital national security missions.

JBM has forged a strong legacy of working side-by-side with US Military Services and our Allies regardless of the operational environment.  We provide seasoned expertise to support emerging defense capabilities ranging from contractor logistics support to the development and integration of cutting-edge technology. 

Simultaneously, we enjoy enduring partnerships with commercial entities. Admits the dynamics of ever-evolving defense challenges, these relationships have capitalized on JBM’s value as a trusted and proven service provider. Our efforts have resulted in forward-thinking solutions and fueled growth within in the private sector.

For more than 30 years, JBM has fostered invaluable relationships among Government and industry stakeholders. As a result, we have thrived and made a significant and tangible impact on national defense and commercial priorities.