JBM Honors Veterans Day 2023

JBM is a truly unique Team – the vast majority of those in our ranks are US military veterans.

That number also includes members of the National Guard who continue to serve our nation.  As witnesses and active participants, JBM veterans have been a part of our nation’s history over the course of the last 47 years.  

  • They constitute the generations of warriors conducting combat operations since the end of the Vietnam War.
  • They endured climatic extremes and other challenges defending NATO and were present when the Berlin Wall fell.
  • They responded to short-notice contingencies, Humanitarian Assistance, Counter-Narcotics and Counter-Terrorism missions.
  • Their leadership shaped force readiness and honed essential operational capabilities across the four largest branches of the military.
  • They were the face of America to our allies and adversaries, and their vigilance along-side regional partners contributed to global stability.

Whether stateside or deployed, JBM veterans accepted the demands of long duty hours and performed the hard work required for America’s national defense.    

Most importantly, they performed their service, regardless of the hardships involved, as a volunteer.

Their selfless contributions ensured the freedoms all Americans enjoy today.  So, on behalf of the whole of JBM, I want to formally recognize and thank our veterans!

Happy Veterans Day!


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