Lifecycle Logistics Details

The résumé of a proven logistics provider.

For over two decades JBM has provided exceptional, full-spectrum logistics services and support to its customers at home and abroad. Our operationally experienced engineers, technicians, and logisticians work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and our customers to field advanced electronic and sensor systems and to provide solutions to operational problems anywhere in the world. We possess the intellectual capital and a record of past successes to be able to work across a wide spectrum of clients and environments.

Field Support in Austere Environments


JBM FSR supporting the raising of the LCMR on a 130ft tower.

Providing unparalleled service to US government entities and commercial companies for more than two decades has been the cornerstone of JBM’s support to the field. Communication towers, radars, remote communications relay sites and many other forms of field work are all areas that our professionals thrive in, whether it is on our national soil or in a foreign country.

Key highlights include:

    • Developed a network of Field Service Representatives (FSRs) for the Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar (LMCR) family of systems.
    • Established in-theater, on-site, 24×7 FSR support to our war fighters.
    • Over a million hours of OCONUS support.
    • Developed the tool kits and spare part concepts for the AN/TPQ-53 Radar; repaired in-theater at forward battlefield locations.

Supply Chain Planning and Management

Our ability to support supply chain planning and management systems in a wide variety of conditions, including hostile environments and even war zones, is the cornerstone of our logistics services. We retain seasoned logisticians, many with military service backgrounds, to enable us to work effectively to solve a wide variety of complex supply chain planning and management issues. Key highlights include:

    • Extensive experience with a Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS)/Standard Army Retail Supply (SARS) systems.
    • Established and maintained the support infrastructure for 40K+ Counter Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (CREW) Duke systems.
    • Managed the supply chain of Class IX repair parts from OEM to end user for the AN/TPQ-48, -49, -50 & -53 radar systems.
    • Maintained class IX assets and managed the Vehicle Operational Life Extension Program (VOLEP).

Maintenance, Repair, and Reset

JBM’s extensive experience in military theaters of operation allow us to take hard-earned lessons learned and apply them to industry and government maintenance and repair challenges. Both our ability to work with OEMs to gain in-depth understanding and ‘in the trenches’ enables faster service and shorter turnaround times, resulting in operational readiness rates and costs savings to our customers. Key highlights include:

    • Radar and CREW repairs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.
    • Radar software upgrades; health & welfare inspections.
    • Established the ‘reset’ program for the AN/TPQ-53 Radar at Letterkenney Army Depot (LEAD).
    • Completed the block II upgrade of 30K+ CREW Duke systems in-theater.
    • Completed the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) VOLEP; extending system operation for 3+ years.
    • Inspecting and maintaining 8,400 Research Testing Development & Evaluation (RTD&E) items of equipment; completed 1,600+ work orders annually.

Condition-Based Life Cycle Management Support

JBM’s solid reputation and past performance at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and our world-wide support to the DoD define the quality and depth of our work. We leverage our long-standing military experience to meet the needs of our commercial clients. Key highlights include:

    • Established an integrated, predictive maintenance program to minimize unscheduled repairs, reduce unnecessary daily maintenance routines, and provide cost-effective solutions utilizing COTS products to reduce the logistics footprint.
    • Participated in OEM failure review boards; provide recommendations for improvements.
    • Designed, developed, and fully implemented the Reliability-Based Maintenance (RBM) Program for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Individual Training Solutions

JBM’s significant experience and record of success in providing training for diverse systems to a wide variety of clients serves as a solid foundation to develop custom-tailored training solutions to meet any need. From the many years of deploying with our armed forces to provide training, we have established experts in providing on-site, over-the-shoulder training methods. Key highlights include:

    • Developed Programs of Instruction (POI) for the operations and troubleshooting of the:
      • Light Weight Counter Mortar (LCMR) System
      • AN/TPQ-53 Radar System
      • Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortars (CRAM) & Counterfire Systems
    • Established requirements and training processes for the Electronic Repair Shelter (ERS).

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