JBM has over 25 years of proven success providing smart solutions to a wide range of customers in challenging and austere global environments.

We have established trusted relationships by anticipating and responding to requirements in fast-paced operational environments for a wide range of global customers. JBM provides full-spectrum, socially responsible methodologies and mechanisms that focus on establishing and improving relationships, communications and understanding that ensure harmony between local communities and the Peruvian mining industry. Our solutions are tailorable and scalable to meet the unique requirements of Peru’s diverse communities consider an in-depth analysis of relevant socioeconomic/political environment, coupled with focused planning, execution, management and assessments.

JBM participated in the PERUMIN Conference and Trade Show in Arequipa, Peru.

This Conference afforded owners and managers from global mining companies a venue to discuss their operations and review expectations for the industry in coming years. Additionally, PERUMIN’s over 90,000 attendees and 2,300 exhibitors were exposed to the corporate capabilities of JBM and its Peruvian partner, Stakeholders. PERUMIN 2013 was the largest gathering of mining companies and their suppliers in the world.

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Perumin Trade Show

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