JBM Signs Department of Defense Statement

January 17, 2018:  Andy Vonada signs Department of Defense Statement of Support of the Guard and Reserve.  JBM is proud to include members of the National Guard and Reserve, past and present, within its ranks.  The statement signifies JBM’s continued support in 2018.

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JBM recognizes members of its Redstone Arsenal Team for their sustained, superior performance!

January 12, 2018:  JBM is proud to provide services to the U.S. Army Materiel Command’s Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) and their mission to ensure timely, accurate, and valuable integrated life cycle logistics solutions, information, knowledge, and expertise to enable Army readiness and support to Unified Land Operations.  Those successful contributions are directly attributed to JBM’s team of professionals and their steadfast dedication to LOGSA’s vital mission.  Thank you Team LOGSA!

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Navy Celebrates 242nd Birthday

October 13, 2017: As the US Navy celebrates its 242nd birthday, JBM would like to thank you for being a hardworking branch of America’s military that is always ready to answer the call of duty.  Happy Birthday!

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USAF 70th Birthday

September 18, 2017: JBM would like to wish a happy birthday to the men and women of the US Air Force.  You all have continued to provide unrivaled Airpower for America.  We thank you for your service, sacrifice, and commitment to the defense of our Nation.

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JBM Expands its Critical Ground Based Sense and Avoid Equipment Support to Fort Riley, Kansas

JBM recently expanded its support to the US Army’s critical Ground Based Sense and Avoid (GBSAA) Equipment to Fort Riley, Kansas. At this new location, a JBM technician now maintains, tests, and repairs GBSAA electronic equipment.  The Fort Riley effort is the latest addition to a team that includes Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Fort Stewart, Georgia.  At all of these locations, JBM professionals provide high quality hardware and software support for the GBSAA systems and networks, as well as conducting essential on-site assessments for the Army’s operational and programmatic leadership.

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America’s Independence Day

July 4, 2017: Annually, Americans celebrate the Continental Congress’ unanimous adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.  The document proclaimed the colonies’ separation from Great Britain and launched the United States as a nation.

JBM joins this year’s celebration of the Spirit of ’76, and recognizes the courage and sacrifice required to reinforce and maintain the principles crafted by our nation’s founders.  As we enjoy the holiday activities, JBM also wants to recognize those that remain vigilant and protect our hard earned freedoms.

Happy Independence Day!

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JBM Participates at Key International Cyber Security Conference

On May 30th and 31st 2017, JBM had the unique opportunity to participate in an International Cyber Security Conference held at Oxford University’s Christ Church College.  The Conference was attended by select members of academia and industry, and proved a productive forum to identify major trends and developments affecting cyber security.  JBM brought a very unique perspective to these discussions based on our pioneering work in the greater Information Environment.  The scope of our contributions ranged from strategic analysis to crafting institutional policies and integrating technical solutions.

More specifically, JBM recognizes that all organizations function within an Information Environment, and that their success is significantly enhanced by understanding how information influences their goals and daily operations.  In today’s highly visible and dynamic business atmosphere, it is vital to consciously plan and account for the challenges and benefits offered in the modern digital age.  At JBM, we have established a long-standing reputation for mastering those requirements, and demonstrate our customer commitment by working in concert with public and private sector stakeholders to jointly maneuver within the global Information Environment.

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Army 242nd Birthday

June 14, 2017:  More than one million soldiers are currently serving in the US Army on active duty and with its National Guard and Reserve components.  Today they celebrate the Army’s 242nd birthday.  JBM would like to recognize all soldiers past and present for their selfless service to our nation.   Happy Birthday!

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2017 Alex J. Johnson Award

May 26, 2017: The Alex J. Johnson Award is presented each year to an employee demonstrating the core areas of excellence reflected by our founder, Alex J. Johnson. These core areas include leadership, innovation, operational excellence and outstanding customer service. This year’s recipient is Sareeta Jackson. Sareeta was hired during Alex Johnson’s tenure and exhibits the characteristics to receive this prestigious award.

Sareeta Snow Jackson has been with JBM since 2009. Her tenure began as a Receptionist; however, within a very few years moved on to become the Executive Assistant to the CEO. Continuing with upward mobility, her diligent efforts in study, hard work and determination demonstrated her ability to progress to her current position as IT Coordinator. Ms. Jackson always goes beyond the call of duty to get the job done correctly; provide outstanding customer service; and to foster positive relationships with her internal and external customers.

Over the past few years, JBM has asked Sareeta to wear many hats and she has performed exceptionally in each capacity. Recently when approached her with an opportunity to support a direct program and become partially direct billable, her initial question was “what do you need me to do”? Her willingness to pitch in where ever help is needed is a leadership quality that is undervalued.

Ms. Jackson is directly responsible for saving JBM thousands of dollars. She was instrumental in replacing our costly and often out of service phone system/provider with a high quality system, while still reducing JBM’s annual cost significantly. In an effort to further reduce cost, Ms. Jackson brought our disaster recovery service in-house and spearheaded a server consolidation effort.

Sareeta regularly assists employees after hours with technical issues. She has received numerous positive comments on her professionalism and “can do” spirit. She is pleasant and extremely helpful to both her internal and external customers. On several occasions, Ms. Jackson has received accolades from past and present employees because of her willingness to assist and get to the root of the employee’s (or ex-employee’s) problem. She always demonstrates a willingness to learn and pitch in as a team player.

A top priority for Alex Johnson was his employees. Sareeta exhibits that strong characteristic of ensuring that her fellow employees are “taken care of”.

Congratulations Sareeta – well deserved!

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JBM Support to AN/TPQ-53 Milestone

JBM had the privilege of taking part in a celebration marking the production of the 100th AN/TPQ-53 (Q-53) radar system. The Q-53 is a new generation multi-mission capable sensor with the flexibility to adapt to uncooperative adversaries and changing missions.  Since its initial conception, JBM has played a critical role in the design, fielding, training and sustainment of this vital system to the US Army. The Q-53 has been successfully employed in combat since 2010.  During that time, JBM professionals have been continuously deployed to support the system and its critical mission to the US warfighter.  JBM is proud to be a part of this historic program, and we extend our hearty congratulations to Lockheed Martin and all involved for realizing this important milestone.

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