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  • Aviation and Missile Command Expedited Profession & Engineering Support Services (AMCOM EXPRESS)
  • Chief Information Officer Solutions & Partners III (CIO SP3)
  • Defense Intelligence Agency Solutions for Intelligence Analysis (DIA SIA II)
  • Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise for Emergent and Special Requirements (EAGLE)
  • Foreign Air Space and Technologies (FAST IV)
  • Homeland Defense Security Technical Area Tasks (HDTAT)
  • Information Technology Enterprise Solutions (ITES 2S)
  • Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) Global Intelligence Support Services (GISS)
  • Marine Corps Logistics Support Services (MCLOGSS)
  • Naval Intelligence Operations Command (NIOC)
  • Operations Planning Training Resource Support Services II (OPTARS II)
  • Rapid Response Third Generation (R23G)
  • SOCOM Wide Mission Support (SWMS)
  • Software and Systems Engineering Services Next Generation (SSES)
  • Strategic Services Sourcing (S3)
  • Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM) Strategic Service Solutions (TS3)
  • Knowledge Based Services (KBS)
  • Technical Administrative and Operation Support Services (TAOSS)
  • Transformation Twenty One Total Technology program Next Generation (T4NG)
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