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May 14, 2018: Each year, JBM selects one employee that best exemplifies the leadership qualities of the company’s founder, Mr. Alex Johnson.  Mr. Johnson developed a distinct corporate culture that reflected both his personal values and an unyielding set of professional ethics.  The 2018 recipient of the Alex Johnson Leadership Award is Mr. Kelly Wise.  Kelly leads JBM’s team supporting the Logistic Operational Support Activity, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama.  He  tirelessly manages professionals dedicated to the Command’s Data Center and its critical applications, all within a very innovative contract support environment.  He also exemplifies Mr. Johnson’s spirit and is JBM’s proven center of gravity for this vital program.  Further, Kelly received this unique recognition due to his candor and sincere sense of duty – these qualities are reinforced by the blend of his productive engagement with our customer and his first rate technical skills.

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