Global Post-Sales Support & Services


Providing Worldwide, Dependable and Respected Post-Sales Support for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Customers appreciate the value of professional fielding, sustainment and training support for their newly purchased sensitive and mission critical systems, regardless of the operating environment. Tailored and credible support also serves as a direct linkage to the manufacturer; it facilitates troubleshooting for emerging issues, particularly in a complex networked environment; and, it greatly enhances overall product credibility and thereby improves follow-on sales.

JBM has the technical skills, operational expertise and management structure to fulfill your valued customers’ embedded or remote support requirements.

JBM possesses an established legacy for providing vital fielding, sustainment and training support for a broad spectrum of radars and sensors since their introduction to the military and commercial market. This first-hand experience includes several generations of systems starting with the respective programs’ inception – a fact that few if any other company can claim. Our mission focused solutions are widely recognized throughout the military radar community. That reputation was earned through more than 1.5 million hours of deployed support to US warfighters and our allies, usually in technically challenging and hostile environments.

For more than a decade, JBM has provided fielding, testing, engineering, diagnostic, and maintenance support for radars and sensor systems. We deploy with our customers to austere locations in order to provide professional technical support.

JBM has proven adaptable to the varying requirements of our customer-base, to include ground, air and maritime system developers. We have a network of highly skilled and operationally experienced technicians for short and long-term assignments on a global scale. Further, our industry-leading reputation has been built on the quality and reliability of our employees and processes. This has resulted in an Operational Readiness rate of 95% or higher for our supported customers. Therefore, fielding, integrating, and maintaining radar/sensor systems, networks and other equipment for original equipment manufacturers is a proven specialty.

We understand that training is a key to operational success.

Our staff routinely conducts site surveys and performs installation support for end users, to include site selection, and equipment set up. JBM also provides New Equipment Teams, Deployed Equipment Training and performs Limited Technical Inspections for equipment acceptance. We have even conducted over-the-shoulder training and other onsite training requirements for military forces and in combat environments. This is a proven value added service that JBM routinely provides its customers.

JBM’s has a network of highly skilled and operationally experienced technicians for short and long-term assignments on a global scale, and with limited advance notice.

As an integrated element of your offerings, JBM provides a cost effective and proven source of global post-sales support. We have an established a lengthy history for rapidly providing tailored mission focused and efficient support for a variety of sensitive and operationally critical systems. As a result of these experiences, we have accumulated and refined fielding processes and technical capabilities that ensure the highest levels of operational readiness. Our success is based in part on:

  • Learning and understanding the needs of the end-user
  • Providing immediate and realistic recognition of operational requirements, based on our depth of experience
  • Hiring the right field service representative for the job
  • Becoming a team member with our customer and not just a contractor

We are a proven product support solution; our industry-leading reputation has been built on the quality and reliability of our employees and processes.

JBM’s programmatic and operational responsibilities across a wide variety of systems allow us to deliver insight like no other company. With close to half-a-million hours of experience on radars alone, serving in a variety of operational environments and supporting a multitude of military and commercial partners, we are confident that our team can provide informed and nuanced insights into the unique challenges of any customer.

JBM is uniquely suited to support the broad spectrum of your products and your customers’ mission requirements.

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